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The CMU-Portugal Program

Carnegie Mellon University and the Portuguese Government established a partnership, named as CMU-Portugal Program, aimed at strengthening existing research and education links in several scientific areas.

The CMU-Portugal Program is governed by an international virtual institution, the Information and Communication Technologies Institute (ICTI), which is focused on Information and Communication Technologies, with two poles: ICTI@CMU, resident at CMU, and ICTI@Portugal, resident in Portugal.

Sensing Technologies and Networks for Risk Minimization Systems

The main goal of the partnership in Critical Infrastructures and Risk Assessment is to contribute to promoting the development of the Portuguese scientific and technological capabilities necessary for both the operation and performance assessment of public risk minimization systems.

This collaborative scientific program integrates the capabilities of Carnegie Mellon University, in particular, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and CenSCIR, and the following Portuguese research institutions: ISR-Lisbon and Inesc-ID affiliated with Instituto Superior Técnico, CISTER affiliated with Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto and ISQ Group.

This will rely on an integrated research and educational PhD Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering, specially focused on Networked Sensors, Communication, and Decision Systems. This wide area of research includes aspects related to the communications infrastructure (wireless sensor networks, Ad-hoc networks), Hardware/Software Platforms (embedded real-time and distributed computing), Sensing and Decision Systems (signal and video processing, surveillance, robotics and distributed decision systems) and Risk Assessment.

Admissions to the dual CMU-IST PhD degree in Electrical Engineering are now open